New Britain Borough Police Department

Look Sharp, Act Sharp, Be Sharp!

There is a Police Officer on duty at all times.


A Message from the Chief . . .

The mission of the New Britain Borough Police Department is to provide a professional valority and unbiased response to the needs of the community with respect for the dignity of all whom we protect.

It is the Department's goal to establish a partnership with the citizens in achieving a "Safe and Sound Community through excellence in public service" with the highest regard for constitutional, civil, and human rights.


T.E.A.M. School Liaison Program

The T.E.A.M. project is a pro-active effort to make schools and communities safer. T.E.A.M. also promotes responsible citizenship and positive character traits among students.

Officer Kraft and Officer Armstrong are certified teachers for T.E.A.M. and will be leading our program at Pine Run Elementary School this year. The lessons focus on safety, including lessons on how to dial 911 and report a crime, and rules for bicycle and pedestrian safety. Other issues covered are weapon and drug free school zones, drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, violence and assaults, and traffic safety.

The T.E.A.M. curriculum also addresses positive character traits such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, firmness, caring, and citizenship.

The officers will teach this "law related" education program to the sixth graders throughout the remainder of the school year. Unlawful and youthful risk-taking behavior will be addressed in this program with lessons on the laws and consequences that commonly affect students.

Students learn to take responsibility for their individual actions while working together as a T.E.A.M. in pursuing solutions to problems facing their schools and community.

Vacation Home Checks

Any Borough resident may contact the Police Department when leaving the area for more that 48 hours, for the purpose of home checks. You may request a home check by fax (215)230-8191 or you may call (215)345-1080 and speak with an officer or leave a message. Please be prepared with the following information: Homeowner's Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Departure, Date of Return, Emergency Contact Info, Key Holder names and phone numbers.

Warning: House checks are only conducted by visual observations only, and will only be done when time and manpower permits. The Police Department offers no guarantee of security of your residence or property and will not be responsible for any damage or theft of the property.

Fingerprinting Services

All Borough residents can be fingerprinted free of charge for pre-employment purposes, but by appointment only.